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ZONAIR - Advanced Engineering Software

ZONAIR Description
ZONAIR is an advanced engineering software application used for computation of aircraft flight loads that can include aeroelasticity and aerothermoelasticity effects. The resulting flight loads are used by structural engineers for performing detailed stress analysis of the aircraft structure. ZONAIR utilizes a unified high-order subsonic/supersonic/hypersonic panel methodology as the underlying aerodynamic force generator to efficiently create aerodynamic and loads databases for 6 degree-of-freedom simulation and critical loads identification. ZONAIR's unstructured surface panel scheme is compatible with the finite element method so that existing pre-processors, such as Patran and Femap, can be used to set up the aerodynamic model. ZONAIR employs a vortex roll-up scheme for high-angle-of-attack aerodynamics and includes ZAERO's advanced Trim module for flexible loads analysis and a Thermal Protection System for Optimization (TPSOPT) module for aerothermoelastic analysis.


Key Features

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ZONAIR Licensing Information

ZONAIR is available for annual licensing (1 token = 1 license). Choose from the following options and engineering modules to best fit your needs.

ZONAIR's Options (Choose One):

ZONAIR I: Linear subsonic high order steady aerodynamics for wing-body configurations (Mach No. < 1).

ZONAIR II: Linear subsonic and supersonic high order steady aerodynamics for wing-body configurations (Mach No. > 1). Includes ZONAIR I.

ZONAIR III: Linear subsonic, supersonic, and hypersonic steady aerodynamics for wing-body configurations (Mach No. < 1, Mach No. > 1, and Mach No. >> 1). Includes ZONAIR I + ZONAIR II.

Engineering Modules (Optional):

Aero Loads / Trim Option: Static aeroelastic trim analysis for flight loads.

Aerothermodynamics Option: Aerothermodynamic analysis for temperatures and heat rates in hypersonic flows.

Optional modules are in addition to ZONAIR Options I, II or III.

System Requirements and Platform


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