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ZONA Software Licensing Information

To license any of ZONA's software, simply send our licensing team a purchase order listing the software, options, number of tokens (1 token = 1 license), and operating system. A package will be shipped to you containing the software and associated manuals.

To obtain a license key after you have licensed the ZONA software(s), you must fill out the “Point of Contact (POC)” form that will be provided to you. Once ZONA receives this information, a license key will be sent to you via email.

Licenses are renewed on an annual basis. All licenses are to be paid in U.S.Dollars. Specific terms and conditions that may apply are listed below.

Licensing Terms and Conditions

Included with the Basic License

▪ Customer service is included in the annual license fee (up to 20 hours per year by telephone, fax, email, etc.) Additional support will be charged at ZONA’s T&M rate.
▪ The annual license includes software upgrades as they become available.
▪ A re-start-up fee of 25% of the annual license fee will be required for users who re-establish an annual license after having terminated a prior licensing policy (if not renewed within 60 days).
▪ Annual license payments will be made year-to-year.
▪ No one-time paid-up license is available.
▪ ZONA will assist the new user by telephone/fax/email consultation to successfully run test cases in the documentation (i.e., turn-key operation) at no cost to the user.
▪ All prices are in U.S. dollars. Prices are subject to change without notice.
▪ U.S. companies with 500 or less employees are eligible to receive a 25% discount off of the license fees.

Pricing (Annual License Fees): Classes A-D

▪ 1 token (i.e., license) allows for one ZONA Software job to be executed at a time. (i.e., n tokens allows for n jobs to be executed at one time).
First 3 tokens are charged at 100% of full license fee (class A).
Next 7 tokens are charged at 85% of full license fee (class B).
Next 10 tokens are charged at 80% of full license fee (class C).
Over 20 tokens can be classified under corporate rate:
▪ Corporate rate includes installation on any computer (class D).
▪ Corporate rate includes all options, unlimited service, and installation on an unlimited number of computers.
▪ For more details on the corporate rates, please contact ZONA Technology, Inc. at 480-945-9988.

Click here to view the ZONA Software License Agreement (ZSLA)

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(academic and corporate pricing available).

ZONA Software License Manager

ZONA's licensed software products utilize a network license manager. There are typically two types of ZONA software installations that can be made (node-locked or floating). Which installation to choose depends on your usage requirements.

The following components are installed for the floating license installations:

(A) ZONA software
(B) Client License manager
(C) Server License manager
(D) Java

Note that the installation of Java is required for both the Client and Server side license managers (i.e., must be installed on both the server machine and client machines).

Java is typically included with the ZONA software CD’s for both the PC and Linux versions. For other Unix versions you must download and install Java for your particular platform. Download and installation instructions can be found at the web sites of Hewlett Packard (HP), Sun Microsystems, IBM, or SGI. If you need assistance to obtain the latest version of Java for your Unix platform, please contact ZONA’s support staff.

ZONA Software Installation

1. Node-Locked License Installation

A Node-Locked License allows a single computer to run the ZONA software. The total number of jobs submitted concurrently on this computer cannot exceed the number of licenses (i.e., tokens) purchased from ZONA. This installation requires that all components (A+B+C+D) be installed on a single machine.

2. Floating License Installation

A Floating License allows for the ZONA software to be installed on multiple computers. A Floating License Installation must be performed on each machine on which the software is to be run. The Server License manager (see below) must be installed separately on a single machine (i.e., a server) connected to a network that is accessible by the machines with the Floating License Installations of ZONA's software. This server issues one license (or token) to each computer on the network that submits a job. The total number of jobs submitted concurrently on all computers connected to this server cannot exceed the number of licenses purchased from ZONA for this particular server. Components that are installed under this option are (A+B+D).

Note: You will need the Server IP address or domain name (e.g., or mycomputer.com) or machine name (e.g., MY_COMPUTER1) to install this option. Please ask your IT Administrator if you do not have this information available. You will be prompted to input this information during each Floating License installation. However, the IP address can be entered manually at any time after the ZONA software installation is completed by setting the appropriate environment variable. This information is discussed in detail in the documentation provided with the software. Server License Manager Installation

If Floating License installations are made on a network (#2 above), then this installation option must also be performed on a single designated server connected to this network. The Server License manager issues a license (or token) to each computer on the network that executes a ZONA software job. Components that are installed under this option are (C+D).