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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

ZONA License Server (ZLS)

What is ZLS?

Where do I find the ZLS Log File?

In Windows, the ZLS Log File is found in your Users\..\AppData\Roaming\ZONA folder.

The Linux version of ZLS stores the zls_log file created under the ZLS home directory (e.g., \opt\zona\ZLS).


How do I install ZONA software?

ZLS Installation:

  • Java needs to be installed on both Server and Client machines for ZONA License Server (ZLS) to work. If not already installed, Click here to download the latest version of Java.
  • Install all ZONA software with Administrative Privileges by logging in as Adminstrator or right clicking on setup.exe and selecting "Run as Administrator".
  • Insert the ZLS disc and follow the installation instructions. (Download links are also emailed for your convinience.)
  • When finished with the installation, Restart your computer.

CAE Software Installation (ZAERO, ZEUS, ZONAIR, etc.):

  • As Administrator, using the Software disc or download link, follow the installation instructions.
  • When prompted, type in the serial number found on the software case or download email.

  • When prompted, click on Node Locked or Floating License per your licensing needs.
  • Note, it is not always required to restart your computer after ZONA installations, however, it can help to update environment variables, especially in a Windows 10 environment.

Installing License Files:

  • Licenses are sent via email and can be retrieved by the provided download link.
  • When prompted, Save your license files to your computer
  • Unzip the folder containing your license(s).
  • Place the license files (.dat and .bin) in the ZLS home directory (e.g., for 32-bit machnies [c:\Program Files\ZONA Technology, Inc\ZONA License Server], for 64-bit machines [c:\Program Files (x86)\ZONA Technology, Inc\ZONA License Server], and for Linux \opt\zona\ZLS).
  • Open the ZONA License Monitor using the GUI or via Command Prompt to check that licenses have been loaded.
  • If the monitor doesn't automatically update license information, click the "Load License File" button in the GUI, otherwise it can be manually done in Windows or Linux using the java commands java -classpath "your ZONA License Server Home Directory Location" zls_updatelic.

How do I install as a floating license?

Information on how a floating license works is described below:


** Install Location:
- for 32-bit machnies [c:\Program Files\ZONA Technology, Inc\ZONA License Server]
- for 64-bit machines [c:\Program Files (x86)\ZONA Technology, Inc\ZONA License Server]

  • ZLS is installed on Machine A connected to the network.
  • ZONA Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software (e.g., ZAERO, ZEUS, etc.) is installed on other Machines B, C, ... which are connected to the network with System Environment Variables (ZLS_ZAERO=..., ZLS_ZEUS=..., etc.) pointing to the IP address of Machine A.
  • During execution of ZONA CAE software, licenses are checked out from ZLS on Machine A and checked back in to ZLS when the CAE software terminates execution.
  • Valid ZONA CAE software licenses must be installed in the ZLS home directory on Machine A for ZLS to run.
  • The Safenet Security dongle (USB hardware) must be kept in a USB port on Machine A for ZLS to run.

To install ZONA Software as floating license:

Using your CAE Software disc or download link, follow the installation instructions.

When prompted, select floating license option.


When prompted, type the IP address of the machine hosting the ZLS license.


Where do I put licenses files?

License files (.dat and .bin) are placed in the ZLS home directory (ex: C:\Program Files (x86)\ZONA Technology, Inc\ZONA License Server).

What is a Dongle?

A dongle is a hardware USB security device that ZONA includes with all initial software purchases and needs to be attached to the machine hosting the ZONA License Server (ZLS).

The dongle needs to be plugged into a USB port and stay there at all times while ZLS is running. Removing the dongle during the execution of ZONA software will cause it to terminate abnormally.

Note that the dongle is made by SafeNet Sentinel SuperPro® and requires that the SafeNet software is installed during the installation of ZLS by clicking yes when prompted.


However, this software can be separately installed (if needed) by running the SentinelProtectionInstaller_7.6.6.exe (or latest included version) that can be found on the ZLS Install CD.

Do I need a Dongle?

Yes, all customers are required to have a dongle for security purposes. You will receive a dongle when any of the following apply to you.

(1) You are a new customer licensing ZONA software.

(2) You add machines for hosting ZONA License Server (ZLS).

How can I be sure that my new license is being updated properly?

Replace old license files (.dat and .bin) in the ZLS home directory (ex: C:\Program Files (x86)\ZONA Technology, Inc\ZONA License Server) with the new files.

To Load and run files from Windows ZLS Application:

  1. Launch ZONA License Monitor as Administrator (right click icon and select run as administrator).
  2. If it doesn't update automatically, click "Load License File" to read in new license info.
  3. With new license files in place, click "Perform Status Enquiry" to show new license info.

To Load and run files from Via Command Prompt:>

Open an MS-DOS Command Prompt as Administrator (right mouse click and select Admin), go to your ZLS home directory location.

Type java zls_server

Installation of new license will not affect on-going job(s). Note, if ZLS is not up and running properly, step 1 will give an error.


What is the maintenence fee for ZONA's software?

ZONA's software does not have maintenence fees. Licenses are valid for one year and are purchased on an annaual basis.

What is the difference between a node locked and floating license?

Node-Locked License Installation:

A Node-Locked License allows a single computer to run the ZONA software. The total number of jobs submitted concurrently on this computer cannot exceed the number of licenses (i.e., tokens) purchased from ZONA. This option requires that the dongle, ZONA software, and ZONA License Server (ZLS) are on the same computer.

Floating License Installation:

A Floating License allows for the ZONA software to be installed on multiple computers. Software (ZAERO, ZONAIR..etc) installation must be performed on each machine on which the software is to be run. The Server License manager must be installed separately on a single machine (i.e., a server) connected to a network that is accessible by the machines with ZONA's software. The Server License manager issues a license (or token) to each computer on the network that executes a ZONA software job. The total number of jobs submitted concurrently on all computers connected to this server cannot exceed the number of licenses purchased from ZONA for this particular server. This option requires that the dongle and ZLS are on the server machine; and the ZONA software is installed on a different machine(s).

How do I transfer a license to a new machine?

Prior to receiving a license, a Point of Contact (POC) Form must be filled out that specifies the machine that will host your license(s). Licenses are generated using information such as the MAC Address, IP, etc.

When transferring a license to a different machine, you will need to fill out a License Transfer Request (LTR) Form in order for our licensing team to generate a new license for the new machine.

This new license will be emailed to the address provided on the POC/LTR form.


ZLS Launch failed with an error, what next?

(1)Check the server manually by opening an MS-DOS Command Prompt window (as Administrator) and go into your ZLS home directory.

(2)Type java zls_server [press enter] and java zls_serverstatus [press enter].

(3)Take a screen shot of the responses and email to support@zonatech.com. Please also attach the zls_log file found in your Users\..\AppData\Roaming\ZONA folder.

Once we have these items, our support team can gather the information needed to find the source of your problem.


The ZLS home directory is the one where the ZONA License Server is installed, not the ZLS folder found under ZAERO, ZONAIR, ZEUS, etc.

To find where the ZONA License Server is installed, in the MS-DOS Command Prompt type set [press enter].

Look for the ZONA_SERVER environment variable as shown below. That's where your ZONA License Server is installed.

If you do not see this environment variable, then the ZONA License Server is installed on another machine (as would be the case of a floating license installation of ZAERO, ZONAIR, ZEUS, etc.). Therefore, for floating license installations you need to first go to the machine where the ZONA License Server is installed.


To quickly change directory into the ZONA License Server home directory simply type,

cd %ZONA_SERVER% [press enter] and return to step (2).

ZLS Error: "This service is already running".

ZLS will not run if an instance of it is already running.

"Terminate" any instances of ZLS by right clicking on all ZLS icons appearing in the active tasks menu located on the bottom right of a Windows Menu Bar.

ZLS can also be running in the background. If this is the case, navigate to Windows Services by Right clicking on the Windows Start Button.

Click on Computer Management.

Under Services and Applications, Click on Services.

Find ZONA License Service and click on Stop Service.

Now try launching a ZLS again.

ZLS Failure Error: "Exception occurred at opening socket".

This is a permissions error and could be the result of many factors. However, a good place to start is:

(1) Make sure that Java is installed and updated.

To test that Java is working properly, in a Command Prompt, type java –version.

Ensure your environmnent variables have updated properly after installation by restarting your computer or mannually updating them.

To manually Update System Environment Variables on Windows:

Navigate to Control Panel → System and Security → System → Advanced System Settings → Environment Variables → Edit System Variable

Make sure the System PATH variable contains the [bin] path of your latest Java. If not already in the Path, Add/Edit the JRE [bin] folder, for example (C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin)

(2) Make sure your firewall is not blocking ZLS.

Inbound/Outbound Firewall Rules:

Navigate to Control Panel → system and security → windows firewall → advanced settings.

Check that Java Virtual Machines is on Port 3333, Sentinel Server is on port 6001, Sentinel Key Server is port 7001, and TCP (for monitoring) is on port 6002.

If none of these seem to be causing the problem,

In a Command Prompt, type CD (ZLS home directory) [enter].

Type java zls_server [enter].

Then, type java zls_serverstatus [enter].

Take a screen shot of the Command Prompt error and attach the ZLS Logfile in an email to support@zonatech.com

Why am I getting a dongle expiration error?

This error is stating that your dongle has expired and can be due to a couple of reasons.

(1) Your license has expired. Contact ZONA licensing for renewal. Otherwise,

(2) You have received a new license but are still receiving this error:

Make sure the new license files have been installed to the ZLS home directory properly.

If so, ZONA's support team will need to investigate the dongle further by evaluating the response from the Dongle Diagnostic Tool.

To run the Dongle Diagnostic Tool:

Download and unzip the following file, ZONAKeyDiagnostic.rar

Place the KeyDiagnostic.exe file on the machine. Note, it is best to place the file in the ZLS home directory.

Once the file is in place, open a command prompt

Type the following, C:\Program Files\ZONA Technology, Inc\ZONA License Server\KeyDiagnostic.exe

The diagnostic tool will execute six lines of data that will look similar to the following:

Dongle ID No.: 00B8

End Date: January 1, 9999

Diagnostic Date: January 1, 2000

Diagnostic Code: 00000000

Dongle Version: 2.1

ZSSP Version: 2.2

Please copy and paste the response into an email to ZONA Support. This information will help our support team troubleshoot the dongle.

What to do in case you copy the license files don't copy correctly into ZONA Home Directory.


Some module(s) not purchased: _sub_trim_

The problem:

Copying files to the Windows Program Files (x86) sub-folders may not work using Windows drag-and-drop or Copy/Paste actions due to Windows safety protocols in copying to the Program Files (x86) folder. Even though it looks like the files are copied there, the old files are physically not changed.

The remedy:

To do a manual copy into this folder.

(1) First copy the new license files (e.g., license.dat , licenseZAERO.bin, etc.) to a temporary folder on the C:\ drive (e.g., [temp_folder])

(2) Open an MS-DOS command prompt with Admin privilege (right mouse click on the Command Prompt icon and select Run as Admin)

(3) type:


Press return (this should put you in C:\Program Files (x86)\ZONA Technology, Inc\ZONA License Server\ or wherever you have ZLS installed).

(4) type:

del licen*.*

press return (Thise should delete your existing files)

(5) type:

copy c:\temp_folder\*.* .

(or replace the temp_folder name with the name of the temporary folder you created in Step #1 above)

(this should copy the new license files to the ZLS home directory)

(6) Stop and restart ZLS to load in the new license files (you can use the ZONA License Monitor to Stop/Start ZLS or to simply "Load License File" to read in the new license files). Note, make sure to run the ZONA License Monitor with Admin privilege (i.e., right mouse click the icon and select Run as Admin).

What is the best information to send to ZONA when encountering a ZLS issue?

Troubleshooting ZLS is most effective by first running ZLS in a Command Prompt. The GUI will not always provide all the information ZONA needs to find the cause.

To do this, in a Command Prompt, type CD (ZLS home directory) [enter].

Type Java ZLS_Server [enter].

Then, type Java ZLS_Serverstatus [enter].

Take a screen shot of the Command Prompt responses and paste in an email.

We will also need the ZLS Log File found in your Users\..\AppData\Roaming\ZONA folder.

Please send this information in an email to support@zonatech.com

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