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Product Demos

Some of ZONA's software products have been modified as demonstration versions and may be requested for download.

Software available in Demo versions include:

  • ZAERO - Aerodynamic boxes (40 wing + 40 body) - 273.3 MB
  • ZONAIR - Aerodynamic boxes (100 total) - 21.3 MB
  • ZEUS - Aerodynamic boxes (80 wing + 80 body) - 28.9 MB


The software demos are intended for software evaluation only. You agree that by downloading any of these software demos that they shall only be used for evaluation purposes and shall not be used for any money making purposes whatsoever.

To request a Demo, please email support@zonatech.com and let us know which software you are interested in, as well as your name, company/university, and location.


Product Documentation

You may download ZONA software documentation from the following links. Files are in HTML or Adobe PDF format.

ZAERO Manuals
    ZAERO User's Manual Version 9.2, 3rd Edition
    ZAERO Applications Manual (Vol. 1) Version 9.2, 3rd Edition
    ZAERO Applications Manual (Vol. 2) Version 9.2, 3rd Edition
    ZAERO Programmer's Manual Version 9.2, 3rd Edition
    ZAERO Theoretical Manual Version 9.2, 3rd Edition
    ZAERO Installation Notes (Windows)
ZONAIR Manuals
    ZONAIR User's Manual Version 4.6
    ZONAIR Applications Manual Version 4.6
    ZONAIR Installation Notes (Windows)
ZEUS Manuals
    ZEUS User's Manual Version 3.9, 2nd Edition
    ZEUS Applications Manual Version 3.9, 2nd Edition
    ZONA Technology, Inc. Brochure
    ZAERO Brochure
    ZONAIR Brochure
    ZEUS Brochure
    ASTROS Brochure
    ZONA License Server (ZLS) Quick Start Guide


The following download links include frequently used forms.

    Point of Contact (POC) Form
    License Transfer Request