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Table Of Contents

1.0  Overview of ASTROS (00:16:58)

2.0  Difference between ASTROS and Nastran in Structural Finite Element Model (00:19:58)

3.0  Engineering Analysis Disciplines in ASTROS (00:36:24)

4.0  ASTROS Sizing Optimization (00:19:51)

5.0  Objective, Constraints, and Design Variables of ASTROS (00:43:30)

6.0  ASTROS versus Nastran SOL 200 (00:20:10)

7.0  Sample Example: Ten Bar Truss (00:05:09)

8.0  Generic Business Jet (GBJ) by the Element-Based
       Design Variable Approach (DESVARP bulk data card)

9.0  ZYMOSIS: a Stand-alone Code to generate the
       ASTROS DESVARS and SHAPE bulk data cards
       using Bi-linear Lagrange Shape Function Technique

10.0  Generic Business Jet (GBJ) by the Shape Function
         Design Variable (DESVARS Bulk Data Cards)

11.0  Generic Business Jet with Composite Stiffeners (GBJ-ST)
         by the Shape Function Design Variable (DESVARS Bulk Data Card)

12.0  ZONA Model Viewer (ZONA-MV) ASTROS Post Processing Capability (00:21:52)